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My name is Simone and I’m a professional photographer specialized in reportage and wedding photography.
In 2013 I was co-founder of Real Eyes Wedding, company in which I invested a large part of my forces and energies; I photographed dozens of couples – with some of them even now are in touch – and in some cases also their children arrived in the following years.
In 2016 I started to work alone inaugurating the “Simone Primo Photography” studio.

I was born in Genoa in 1987.
I am curious, I love traveling, every day I look for the way to wonder at something new, I observe the details, I’m extrovert, I like people and I always spend thousand words with anyone. I drink more coffee than I can count and I have an unbreakable connection with the sea.

“I had a year and a half when I took my first …”. No, no! “Since I was a child…”. Also this sentence is not right!
I have to be honest: I approached seriously to photography rather late, during my university studies.
At that time I shot all the time and everything around me seemed perfect to be photographed: from landscapes to flowers, from friends to the high and narrow alleys of Genoa, up to the sunsets – yes even those – and sunrises (these last much more rarely…). 🙂

Photography has made space in my life ever more powerfully; soon I realized that something was missing in my shots. Besides having to refine the technique, it was necessary to develop a narrative: I had the feeling that my photographs were each in its own right and were not linked to each other.
The shots needed to enclose within them some stories.
As time passes, studies and experiences I realized little by little that what I was looking for more than a different way of photographing, it was a different way of looking at things. Do reportage photography: try to write stories without using paper and pencil, but light and camera.

However as well as a beautiful pen is not able to write alone beautiful novels,
also a reflex is to be considered merely a means, a tool.

For this reason, after the degree in design I studied photography in two of the most prestigious photographic institutions in Italy, both in Milan: the Academy John Kaverdash in which I specialized in professional image post-production, fashion and portrait; later I obtained a Master about reportage photography in IIF (Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Italian Institute of Photography), where, thanks to the determination and the fantastic sensitiveness of the photographer Sara Munari (that I love!!), I opened the doors to a new world.
Currently I am working on two different projects, both in the long term, in the context of social reportage.

Wedding photography represents for me the synthesis of all: bringing together moments of joy and lightheartedness, it allows me to travel, to meet so many new people and to tell the story of beautiful couples with whom sometimes I share the same age but also projects and future dreams, uncertainties and fragility.

Very often you are the reflection of how I would feel in your situation. Following you since we first met, months before, up to the wedding day and the positive tension of that moment, I identify myself with you.
I’m emotionally close to you, and sometimes I’m moved as well!


If you think that I can be the right photographer for your wedding, I’m already waiting to hear you

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